Chick-fil-A Integration - Fast Facts

How does data flow between Chick-fil-A and Shift Agent?

  • Information only goes in one direction:  Shift Agent pulls employee data from CFA Home.  Shift Agent does NOT push data back to CFA home. 
    In other words, adding/changing/deleting information on Shift Agent will never change information on the CFA Home side.
  • Shift Agent only retrieves data that CFA makes available after it is processed.
  • Shift Agent will automatically retrieve employee data once each day.  
  • Shift Agent analyzes the data (employee records) from CFA Home and makes sure that all changes to employee data on CFA Home are updated appropriately in Shift Agent employee profiles.

Termination of Employees

  • If you terminate on the CFA Side, you will still need to deactivate them on Shift Agent to bring that employee out of your active roster of employees that you schedule.

Duplicate employee profile records

  • Shift Agent will create a duplicate record of any team member listed in CFA Home where their Shift Agent profile is missing the CFA Person ID.
  • To fix the issue, make sure that one of the employee profiles that are duplicated have the CFA_Person ID stored in it.  Then deactivate the record of the one without the person id.
  • Shift Agent will not make a duplicate record of employees where the email address for the team member in CFA home actually matches the email address in Shift Agent. 

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