Chick-fil-A - Integration Basics

Chick-fil-A now shares through Vendor Bridge a connection with Shift Agent.   Any Chick-fil-A store wishing to take advantage of this connection may now signup for Shift Agent and make the connection through Vendor Bridge on CFA Home.

Getting Started: Click to read how to Setup the integration on your current Chick-fil-A store.

Summary of Benefits:  The initial benefit is that when you add an employee(s) in CFA Home, they will be automatically synced to your Shift Agent store.  

Maintenance:  You don't really need to do anything to maintain the integration once it is initially setup.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why is my new employee not showing up in Shift Agent?

Most of the time, your new employee will be available within 24 hours of adding it to CFA Home. 

Shift Agent cannot fetch your new data until CFA Home processes the new employee data and makes it available through Vendor Bridge.

Once you enter new employee data into CFA Home, Chick-fil-A Headquarters will first process your information. When that process is complete they will format the new data for Shift Agent and make it available to us. Right now, the data is only made available through Vendor Bridge once a night.  

2. What information does Chick-fil-A share with Shift Agent?

The Data that is currently shared between Shift Agent and Chick-fil-A through the Vendor Bridge is the following:

  • Store ID # - This allows your stores records to sync only with your store
  • Team Member's API
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Address
    • Home Phone
    • Cell Phone
    • Email Address
    • Job
    • Birth Date
    • Pay Rate
    • Employment Category
    • Start Date
    • Hourly vs. Salary
    • Person ID

3. Will more information and reports be available? (such as time-punch actuals)

We are limited by Chick-fil-A corporate in terms of what information they give us.  Currently, the basic employee info is all that is available to us, and we look forward to making this more and more helpful and cool as CFA makes data available to us. 

4. Can I make a request for more data sharing and features?

Chick-fil-A has made a special place for Operators to request new data and features.  Through you suggestions, they prioritize the work of making data available through Vendor Bridge. You can help determine the priority of new data sharing and features via HQ for more APIs to be available to Shift Agent for better service!

  1. Login to CFA Home
  2. Go to Tools and Resources 
  3. Click on the Vendor Bridge Link 
  4. Click on Data Tab 
  5. Click on "Want to Integrate Other Data?"

You can always make suggestions to Shift Agent.  

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