Chick-fil-A - Request More Data and Features

As a Chick-fil-A Operator, HQ has made it easy for you to request more data sharing and features with your vendors like Shift Agent.  

Chick-fil-A has made a special place for Operators to request new data and features right from CFA Home.

We rely on your suggestions to HQ to make more features.   Through your suggestions, they prioritize the work of making data available through Vendor Bridge. You can help determine the priority of new data sharing and features via HQ for more APIs to be available to Shift Agent for better services!

  1. Login to CFA Home
  2. Go to Tools and Resources 
  3. Click on the Vendor Bridge Link 
  4. Click on Data Tab 
  5. Click on "Want to Integrate Other Data?"

Things we suggest that you could ask CFA HQ for...

Things we have thought about and would love to do: (Feel free to request this data on our behalf!)

  • Time-punch data from CFA Home to help us provide you with actual v. Scheduled report.
  • Sales data by the hour - would help us do calc for productivity, and provide history for future years.
  • 1/4 hour projections data  (would be rad to have this because we could make awesome productivity calculators for you.)

Whenever Chick-fil-A HQ communicates with us about new data and features, Shift Agent will be planning on helpful ways to use the data to serve you better.  

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