Employee not in the list

Person is Not in the List

Problem: The list of employees you see on Smart Scheduling does not include someone that you expect to be in the Smart Scheduling window as you are filling the shift.
The Issue:  Shift Agent only populates the list with employees who have the position associated with the shift.  In other words, in order for Bobby to work the Busser shift you are filling, he would have to have the Busser position in his profile.
Easy Solution:  If you want to just put "Bobby" in the shift right now while you are in Smart Scheduling and also add the position to his profile for all future shift possibilities, you can use the “Looking for Someone Else” button.
Result:  When you begin typing a name, it will pull from the entire list of employees.  If you select a name from the list, it will add them to the list in the Smart Scheduling list, and it will ALSO add the position to the employee’s profile.  You can now assign the shift to that person.

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