Create Your Store Account

To begin your free trial, you will first need to create an account with Shift Agent for your store.  The manager who creates the store will be considered an Administrator within the system, and should be someone who has authority in your store to make schedules.

Welcome Screen:

The first screen that you see will ask you for a few key pieces of information to help get started.

As you make your way through the steps, you will select a trial plan based on the number of employees who work at your store.  If you don’t know the exact number off-hand, simply make a good estimate and select an appropriate plan.  Shift Agent will monitor your plan level as you add employees later.

Payment Information:

We ask for your payment information up front for security reasons, namely to ensure that the person who creates the store is someone who has financial authority to make these decisions.  From the moment you enter this initial store creation information, your free trial begins.  You will receive an email to the accounting email address that you enter to notify you of coming invoices.

Three (3) days before your store credit card is charged, you will receive an email to the accounting email address you enter to remind you of the upcoming payment.  The payments are automatically applied to your account and there is no need to enter information each time unless you wish to cancel your account.

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