Your Account

Your account with Shift Agent is managed from your Company profile.

Initial Setup

When you setup your account the first time, you selected a plan to get started.  Shift Agent actually monitors the number of active employees on your roster to determine the plan that you are on.

How Shift Invoices Your Store

Shift Agent invoices your store automatically and charges the credit card you have on file with us.  When your organization pays an invoice, it is always for the NEXT month’s use of the tool, so you pay to use Shift Agent in advance.  If you have changes in your Roster that affect the plan that you are on because you are cross over from one level to the next, we will alert you by email so that you know ahead of time if any change will be made. You have access to your invoice history at all times.  You will be emailed several days in advance to know that an invoice is coming for the next month of service.


Shift Agent keeps your credit card information on file securely with 128-bit encryption, so that you never have to worry about your data.  We currently use Stripe and Intuit for all accounting and financial processing.

Managing your Subscription

You can manage your subscription with Shift Agent.  You can also manage the credit card you have on file in a secure fashion.

Contact Shift Agent

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