SMS Tokens

The purchase of SMS tokens allows your Store News messages to be sent via Text, as well as in the classic Store News fashion.  When you create a Store News message, you have the option to not only have it be a message that shows when the employees open the app, but ALSO they will receive a text message instantly to their mobile device to make the impact of the message potentially more immediate.

It is not necessary to purchase SMS Tokens to use the Store News feature.  You can have the messages sent by email for FREE and have employees experience the full feature of having to acknowledge the message in Shift Agent the next time they open the app.

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Purchase SMS Tokens in Blocks

To purchase SMS Tokens, Shift Agent uses the same credit card you have on file for your subscription. The purchase of SMS Tokens will have a separate invoice and be reflected in your invoice history.  When a block of tokens is purchased, you can send messages until the tokens are used up.  If you run out, you will be prompted with the option to purchase more tokens.

500 tokens = $25 ($0.05 per text message)

1000 tokens = $40 ($0.04 per text message)

2000 tokens = $60 ($0.03 per text message)

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Who can purchase Tokens?

Only Admins and specifically authorized people have the ability to purchase tokens in Shift Agent.

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