Distribution of Hours (auto)

Shift Agent works to distribute hours exactly how you want to. When you hit Smart Scheduling, it works to help you schedule employees to work as close to the target hours that you set for them as possible.  As you go, you can refer to the allocation of hours table by clicking the button in the footer on the scheduling page. For example, we are going to fill two different 8 hour shifts:

1st Shift...

Employee Bill has 38 target hours, and Employee Sam has 26 target hours. Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.09.35 AMWhen a shift is being filled that both employees are eligible for, Shift Agent will sort Employee Bill higher on the list of choices to give hours to him first because he needs more hours.

 2nd Shift...

For the next 8 hour shift, the system automatically calculates based on your decision for the first shift.  Employee Bill got the last shift. 38 target hours, and the number of hours assigned for the week so far is now updated to reflect your last choice to give Bill that first shift.  Therefore, even though Bill has higher target hours than Sam and he still needs 6 hours, Sam needs 10 hours.  So, Sam is recommended higher for the second shift. Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.13.18 AM

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