Allocation of Hours

Shift Agent is built from the ground up to help you allocate hours to the each employee the way you want to. With the Allocation of Hours button in the footer on the Scheduling Page, we help you answer the question, "Is everyone getting their target hours?" The process of both Smart Scheduling and adding one shift at a time, draw from the same powerful resource where Shift Agent tracks in real time how many hours each employee has relative to the target hours you set for them.  As you build the schedule, you have the option to select which employee works each shift.  Shift Agent suggests employees based on distributing hours across the week, during their preferred hours and within their availability.  (It does a lot of other calculations for you as well, but you can read about that here. Each employee has three main reports right next to their name:

  1. In blue, is how many hours they are scheduled so far this week, Notice the red overtime bar and an orange bar showing their target hours.
  2. In gray, it's the same report but its for last week.
  3. Farther to the right, you see the whole week, where they are scheduled, where they are unavailable, and approved days off.

Sort the List

  • At the top, there is a dropdown where you can sort the list in different ways to get a different look at the information.
  • By default, it is listed most to least hours scheduled this week.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 3.09.13 PM

  • Remember, there is a setting in the organization profile that allows you to more easily schedule certain employees with overtime as long as you set their hours passed your store's overtime limit.

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