Update Availability for an Employee

Each employee has availability settings for each day of the week.  This is their regular availability.  An availability set is comprised of the settings for all seven days of the week. You may wish to take a little time to read a full explanation of how Shift Agent handles availability

Step by Step:

Navigate to the employee profile you want to update.

Next, click on the Availability Tab, and then select:

  1. Change
  2. or Request Change (if a request is already pending)

STEP 1 of 7 Next, choose the date you want the new availability set to take effect. By default, the date is today.

STEP 2 of 7 Next, choose which set to adjust, or simply start fresh.

If the employee has never had a set of availability, then you will just choose the blank slate option.  But, if there are options, you can choose the one that is closest to what you are planning on doing now to help reduce the amount of things you have to input or change.

STEP 3 of 7 Next, enter any time that the employee cannot work.

STEP 4 of 7 Next, enter any reasons you wish to add for manager's to know about.

Employees are asked (not required) to tell you these reasons.  They will appear in appropriate and helpful places throughout the app to help you make the finest decisions of who to schedule.

STEP 5 of 7 Next, review all available time. Any time that is not marked red, the system assumes the employee can work.

STEP 6 of 7 Next, enter all times the employee actually prefers to work.

This is times on each day that the employee prefers to be at work.  This is more than just available.  They are telling you what hours would be their favorite to be there.  The system is going to try and have you schedule them during these hours most often.

STEP 7 of 7 Next, enter in Target Hours (or employee desired hours.)

APPROVE Finally, if you are a manager, you can

Additional Information:

The status of availability sets on this page.

  • Current Availability - The one that is active in the system right now.
  • Upcoming - A set that has been approved and goes into effect in the near future.
  • Submitted - A set that has been submitted to MGR, but not yet approved.
  • Currently Editing - you have not finished submitting this set yet.

remove an availability rule: 1. Mouse over the rule (in the availability bar) 2. Wait for the 'X' to appear. 3. Click the 'X' to remove it.

Best Practices:

Try to create a rhythm where you ask employees for updated availability, and make sure it's up to date.

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