Availability Analysis

Shift Agent allows you to analyze the employee availability of your store.  When you run an availability campaign, this can be useful for seeing how the changes are affecting your store.

Review:  What do the availability colors mean?

Things you can do with Availability Analysis:

  • View/Add/Update everyone's availability.
  • See the collective and individual employee availability for any day in the future.
    • Helps you predict future training/hiring needs in general
    • View by position.
  • Compare current availability with future changes.
    • Click (toggle) the orange inbox icon next to someone's name to see the submitted change
    • Select a particular day on the calendar and review how availability changes will effect future scheduling.
  • When was an employee's availability was updated?
    • Check the time just to the left of the color bar
    • (7M = 7 months, 5m = 5 minutes, 1Y = 1 year)
  • Easily reset someone's target hours.
    • Click the View button to the right of the color bar
    • FYI, target hours is always tied to an availability set, so you have to change it within the set.
  • View the employee analysis for how often they work, shift density by position, etc.
    • Click the data icon on the left of someone's name

The Main Availability Analysis View

The view provides a list of employees that is scrollable (if necessary) and that displays their availability across 24-hours.

Top Bars

Above the list of names there are two bars (green and red) that have the number of employees that are available and unavailable during each interval across the 24-hour period of a day.      

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