Sharing My Contact Info - Team Directory

* By default Shift Agent does NOT share your contact information on the Team Directory.

The team directory is a way for everyone who wants to share their contact information to be able to do so.  It is a community made out of your co-workers that you have the freedom to control whether or not everyone has the ability to see your information.

You can  turn on your contact information from the same place that you can turn off the display of your contact information.

This is a profile page from the mobile view. Use the toggle switches next to the email and or the phone number area to turn on sharing of either of those pieces of information.

In this case, the user is sharing their email with their co-workers, but they are not sharing their phone number.

A team member may contact you through Shift Agent to ask you to share your contact information.  When this happens, we will not allow it to occur more than once to prevent it from being a nuisance.

Remember, your scheduling managers can see your contact information regardless of whether it is shared in the team directory.

Using the Shift Agent SMS commands

You can receive texts from the Shift Agent SMS number 407-641-2678. You can save that number as a contact in your phone, and you can issue commands to the system to share or not share your information.  Type the code ‘4000’ to that number, and it will share both of email and phone.  Type the code ‘4001’ to unshare.


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