Days Off Policy

You can set a simple days off policy for your store to help you establish the right level of flexibility and control for your team.  There are three main parts to how Shift Agent give you control of Day Off requests:

  1. Days Off Policy 
  2. Soft Limits
  3. Overrides & Exceptions

Setting your Days Off Policy

By default, Shift Agent allows for the highest level of flexibility for the Days Off communication.  There are a simple set of tools that you use to create the appropriate policy.

  • Boundary for Future Requests - this setting establishes a system rule for limiting how far in advance an employee can ask off.  For example, would you like to make it so someone could not ask off for two years from now?
  • Must Request in Advance - this setting is the number of days that an employee must make the request before the actual day they want off.
  • Policy in Words - this setting gives you a couple of sentences to describe your policy for your team.  This policy is visible at all times to your team and is a reference.  You can change it at anytime.


Beyond this group of settings, you can also Set Limits for the number of days off requests that can come on a particular day.

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