Status of Trades

A trade or a giveaway can have one of many different states.  Depending on where you are in the process, you could have any of the following statuses for your trade:

  • No interest yet – You are still responsible for your original shift.  You may cancel the trade at this time.
  • Accepted by a co-worker – You are still responsible for your original shift, but you are given a notification that the shift has been accepted.  The only thing you need now to change your schedule is your manager’s approval.
  • Declined by a co-worker – You are still responsible for your original shift.  If you still want to trade, let Shift Agent help you find another person to trade with.
  • Approved by a manager – You are no longer responsible for your original shift, but instead will be responsible for the shift you asked for.  The change is actually now reflected in your schedule on your account.
  • Disapproved by a manager – You are still responsible for your original shift
  • Cancelled – You decided not to go through with the trade.

FAQ about trades and giveaways

Trades are always one-to-one.  If a trade is in progress for one of your shifts, you cannot try to trade the same shift with more than one person at the same time.

You can cancel a trade and then open a new trade with another person, but a trade is again always just with one person.

You can cancel a giveaway anytime before the manager approves it, even if someone has accepted it.

If you want to offer the shift to multiple people at the same time to see who will take it first, it’s best to utilize the Giveaway function.

You can, however, have multiple trade requests at the same time for different shifts.  You can have as many trades going on as you have shifts.  But only one trade request at a time is allowed PER shift.

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