Team Directory

Shift Agent provides the Team Directory for all of your employees to be able to share their contact information.

This is OPTIONAL for all employees, and at anytime, everyone can choose to display or not display their contact information with the rest of the team.

The idea is to provide the right amount of communication and connection with the team.  Everyone should respect everyone else's contact information and also their decision to display their contact information.


You can select a position in the store to display only those folks who have a particular job role.  If someone that you want their information for is not displayed, you can request that they share their information.

Understand that as a user of Shift Agent and as an employee of your company that your scheduling managers have access to your contact information regardless of whether you share the information with the rest of the team. Learn how to share or to stop sharing your information with your team. You can also use SMS commands to make changes to your sharing status.


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