Add Positions

“Positions” is the term that Shift Agent uses to describe different roles at your company.  Some places may use the term “Job Code” or some other term.

Positions are added to employee profiles so that when you build the schedule, Shift Agent knows who can work the shift.

Positions are the foundation of your store blueprint.  By tracking which employees are able to work in certain areas of your store, you are developing the system that guides you each time you create a schedule.

To Add Positions to your store you can use the Onboarding Wizard, or you can click the manage positions button from your store profile.

The Onboarding wizard looks like this:

Examples of Positions:
  • Cook
  • Waiter
  • Cashier
  • Garage Tech
  • Help Desk
  • Etc…

For our purposes, positions are an important part of the scheduling process because you create a shift by placing a particular employee in a position for a certain length of time.All positions fit within a Department.  Your store may have only ONE department, or it may have MANY.  For example, you could have a MAIN department that has all of your positions, or you could have two departments, one as Front of House and the other as Back of House.  Positions can only go in ONE department at a time.  If you need the same position in both departments, they will be treated separately, and employees would need both positions to be able to work in either position.

From here, you can:

Add Positions Within a department, click the + Add Position button.
Remove Positions Click the “-” button on the far right of the row.
Reorder Positions Click the Rearrange button on the top right
Set Default Pay Rate Each position can have default pay rates

* Pay Rates in Shift Agent are ONLY a guide.

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