Template - How to Apply

Once you have built a template, you can apply it to any day that you want.  You can even add more than one template to a day.  (This might be useful if you have multiple departments and multiple people who publish the schedule.)

Once you have built at least one template, use the following steps to apply a template:
  1. Click the Apply a Template button on the upper left of the menu on the Manage Schedule page.
  2. Select a template you want to apply.
  3. Press the Smart Scheduling button on the upper left that appears after you select a template.
The template will display as “ghost” shifts that have the position and time for each slot you want to fill with a person now.  The shifts are not  really on the schedule until you have gone through the smart scheduling process and either filled them with employees, or chosen to use the  assign later button (prints the shift on the schedule without a person in it.)
When you apply a template to a day and you have the “ghost shifts,” IF YOU TOGGLE BETWEEN DAYS, the template is NOT applying to each day.  Rather, imagine that the blinking shifts are asking you the question, “Do you want to apply the template to this day?”  If you switch days, it does NOT put the template on the day you just left, and is again asking you the same question for the day you are looking at.
Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 7.45.11 AM

Match the template to Benchmark Hours – Exactly

Adjusting the Template is really easy. You can click any shift and tabs appear, making the shift adjustable. You can click and drag either end of the shift to change it’s length in either direction. This is useful for making a template match your benchmark hours. You can watch the numbers of labor hours in the template move to match your projections as you drag the shift. It is automatically saved and once you are done with one shift, simply move on to the next shift. After you have adjusted shifts to your taste, simply hit smart scheduling.
Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 7.48.09 AM

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