Add Employees (bulk)

There are more than one way to enter employees, but during the initial setup process there is a special screen you can use to add lots of employees quickly.


  • If you wish to WAIT until you have your system setup before employees begin signing in for the first time, you may wish to withhold the email address on this screen.
  • Name and phone number input alone will not activate the employee, but it will serve to create the employee card on the screen.  This makes a profile for the employee, and you can enter the email at a time of your choosing.
  • When you enter the email address for an employee, the system automatically sends an email to invite them to activate their account to login to your store‚Äôs Shift Agent.)


The initial entry for each employee profile:

  • First Name and Last Name these fields are case sensitive (ie. de Marco)
  • Email  when you put their address in this field, it sends them an account setup invitation automatically
  • Phone  used for sending SMS messages at relevant times.

There is a lot more information that will become a part of the employee profiles.  We will enter that information later in the setup process.

After you are finished, click the Next Step button.

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