How to Schedule a Day

To schedule one day is essentially the process of drawing shifts on the board, assigning employees to shifts, and publishing the day.

 Typical Method for Adding Shifts and Building the schedule:

  1. Put Shifts on the day:  Use the Draw Shifts feature.
  2. Fill each shift with the right employee:  Press Smart Scheduling button on the top right.
  3. Repeat this process for each day.  Click on the next day in the guide bar to advance to the next day.
  4. Publish the schedule:  One day at a time or wait and publish the whole week at once.
Make a Template?  After you schedule that first day, you can make a template of the day so that you can repeat the pattern over and over.
Need projections?  You can Set Projections for the week prior to scheduling.  (Optional)

Other Methods

Individual Shifts:

Individual Shift - Add shifts ( position + time + employee) with the Create a Shift feature

Add a Shift. - Click on the '+' button for one of the positions. It will bring up the Add a Shift window, and the first thing you want to do is choose a start day and time and an end day and time. Shift Agent™ will sort the list of available employees automatically based on several Smart Scheduling factors to give you the best option. Go ahead and add employees for the time period that you specify.
Shift Agent will start making recommendations - One of the best features Shift Agent™ has for you is that it will make recommendations based on a number of factors. For example, who's availability for a particular position makes them the mest match for the shift you are creating? We track days off, overlapping shifts, number of target hours, and much more.
Select the employee you want for the shift.
Once you hit the CREATE SHIFT button, you will return to the calendar and be ready to add your next shift.
After you have added all the shifts you need, do the following:
  1. Click the Review Week button to check your work.
  2. Click the Publish button to broadcast the schedule and make it LIVE.

Additional Information and References

Editing Shifts
Delete a Shift
Clear All Shifts
Budget Information - The budget area reflects how much of your weekly allocation for labor costs has been spent with respect to the goal you input on the company profile page. The budget is simply determined by the cost of an employee, based on their payrate, and the number of hours they work.
When you are finished adding all of the shifts for that day, you can publish the day.  It will resemble what you see here.
The colorful bar that changes shades indicates the number of employees you have onsite at each interval created by the schedule.  If you mouse-over the number, you get a quick report of expenditures in budget and man-hours for that interval.
Publishing - You have to publish a day before any employees can the shifts you have built. You can publish shifts on a day, and come back later to add more. If you add more later, the PUBLISH NOW button at the bottom will reflect that you have unpublished shifts. Once you publish shifts, your employees will see their schedules when they login to Shift Agent™. Make a template from this day:  You can save a lot of time by creating templates from the days that you build.  If you build a day that you wish to make into a template, simply click the Create Template button while you are on the day with the schedule you like, and name the template something memorable.

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