Active and Inactive Employees

The list of active and inactive employees in Shift Agent is stored on the Employees page.  Shift Agent invoices your store based on the number of active employees you have on your roster at the time of the invoice.  Only ACTIVE employees are considered to be a part of your accounting process.

  1. Active employees are able to be scheduled.  This is your roster.
  2. Inactive employees are not able to be scheduled.

When employees are inactivated, it functions sort of like deleting an employee. we never delete their data, but they will no long be able to login and they will no longer be scheduled and also they won't count in your billing. Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 12.41.22 PM If you want to reinstate any employee, simply click "Make Active" and it will maintain all of their settings as you last had them. There is one additional status that you may see on a profile. Pending:  This means that the employee has not yet activated their account and needs to login by choosing a password. You can set each employee as Active/Inactive from their individual employee profile.      

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