Review Week report

Review Week is a feature that allows you to check your work and find potential conflicts in the schedule.  To access this feature, you press the Review Week button on the footer bar after you have put people into shifts. Shift Agent reviews a few categories so that when you are about to Publish, you can be certain that your schedule won't have any mistakes with regards to these categories.  You will be aware of any issues and be directed to the right place to fix them before putting everything out.

Categories of Potential Conflicts

  1. Unavailable:  Is anyone scheduled when they are unavailable
  2. Day Off Granted:  Is anyone scheduled when you approved for them to have the day off
  3. Overtime: Is anyone in overtime that you don't want in overtime
  4. Overlap:  Is anyone working a shift where it overlaps another shift on the same day
  5. Late Shift + Early Next Day:  Are you preventing a team member from sleeping?
  6. Gap between Double Shift:  If there is any time gap between double shifts, they are listed here.  Ranked longest gap to shortest.
  7. 4hrs or less on a day:  Anybody working a really short shift and then going home?
  8. Double Shift:  Is anyone working a double? Or more?
  9. Significantly Less than Target Hours:  Is anyone working less then 75% of their target hours
  10. No Availability Set:  Shows you how many employees do not yet have an active employee set

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